Fraser Valley Invasive Plant Council

Invasive Plant Managment

Management Strategies

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a decision-making process that includes identification and inventory of invasive plant populations, assessment of the risks that they pose, development of well-informed control options that may include a number of methods, site treatment, and monitoring.

map giant hogweed removal fvipc

There are three primary control options (besides prevention) for the management of invasive plants:

  • Mechanical control (hand-pulling, cutting)
  • Biological control
  • Chemical control (herbicides)

There are essentially seven steps to weed management (BC Ministry of Agriculture and Lands, download pdf)

  1. Map the management area and its resources
  2. Map and inventory the management area for weeds (use the Invasive Alien Plant Program, a public database where all invasive plant inventory and treatment data is housed)
  3. Set weed management goals and objectives
  4. Set priorities for your weed management
  5. Select weed management strategies (manual/mechanical, chemical, biological control – usually some combination of multiple methods)
  6. Develop an integrated weed management plan
  7. Develop a monitoring program