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Web Service Master Thesis - naniloverle

Web Service Master Thesis - naniloverle

Web Service Master Thesis

Design and development of a REST-based Web service platform for 10 Feb 2010 MASTER IN ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE In this thesis, a novel way to integrate intelligent Web-services is designed and developed, and. Master Thesis proposal: Semantic web services for - STI Innsbruck Master Thesis proposal: Semantic web services for clinical workflows support. A clinical workflow consists on a sequence of connected actions that clinicians  MASTER'S THESIS Trust-based Security in Web Services MASTER'S THESIS. Trust-based Security in Web. Services. Information Systems Institute. Distributed Systems Group. Technical University of Vienna supervised  Master's thesis Web Services Security Robert-Jan Boezeman 10 Jun 2003 Master's thesis. Web Services Security. Robert-Jan Boezeman. University of Nijmegen: Security of Systems (SoS) group. University of Oxford:. Web service matching based on semantic classification Master Thesis. Spring 2012. School of Health and Society. Department of Computer Science. Web Service Matching based on. Semantic Classification. Writer:. A QoE Framework for Web Services Master thesis Mei Yang - DUO Department of Informatics. A QoE Framework for Web Services. Master thesis. Mei Yang. Network and System. Administration. Oslo University College. SOAP Web Services - Brian Suda Master of Science. Computer Science SOAP based web services are designed with a common XML-based protocol. The goal is to allow I declare that this thesis was composed by myself, that the work contained herein is my own except 

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This Master's Thesis is brought to you for free and open access by the . 5.1 Functions Supported by SOAP-Based and REST-Based Web Services 19. A SYSTEMATIC MAPPING STUDY OF WEB SERVICES - CORE 20 Nov 2014 Master's Thesis. Lappeenranta University of Technology. Keywords: SOA, SOC, WS, Web Service Discovery, Systematic Mapping, Service  Web Service Composition in Drupal | Klausi's Weblog A master thesis written by Klaus Purer at the Vienna University of Technology, released in May 2011. Abstract: Building web applications has become a complex  Evaluation Framework for Quality of Service in Web Services - LIRIS Non-functional properties of Web Services and Quality of Service . .. In this Master thesis, we have designed a framework for the evaluation of the Quality of  RESTful EPCIS Master Thesis - Diuf-Unifr I also want to thank Prof. Jacques Pasquier, who allwed me to do my Master thesis in General study of RESTful Web Services and the EPCIS . . . . . 3. 1.1.2. Dynamic Analysis of Web Services by Jocelyn Simmonds A thesis Due to these limitations of static analysis, this thesis concentrates on the dynamic analysis of web service applications, specifically, by monitoring runtime events. A Framework for Autonomic Web Service Selection for the degree of Master of Science selection. If a web service client can be configured to use one of a number of different web services, which should it select? In this thesis, an approach based on examining the past quality of service. master thesis “newtec semantic web” - Department of Computer MASTER THESIS . 10.1.1 Modeling Semantic Web in Java with Apache Jena. 48 . In an attempt to gather the information Newtec developed a web service.

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If you are interested in doing a Masters project with a strong security component you can Protection of internal web services project (master thesis project). SECURED INFORMATION INTEGRATION WITH A SEMANTIC WEB Pranav Parikh, M.S. This thesis work makes two contributions. First, we incorporated RESTful web services in a semantic web-based framework and  An Enriched Web Services Client Architecture for Management and Thesis proposal submitted. To the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral studies. In partial fulfillment of the requirement for the degree of. Master of Science. High-Level Load Balancing for Web Services Master thesis Sven 20 May 2006 Balancing for Web. Services. Master thesis. Sven Ingebrigt. Ulland High level load balancing is the main topic of the thesis, motivated by a. INF-3981 MASTER'S THESIS IN COMPUTER SCIENCE A Prototype 15 Dec 2007 INF-3981. MASTER'S THESIS IN COMPUTER SCIENCE. A Prototype for Continuation-Passing Orchestration of Composite Web Services.