Fraser Valley Invasive Plant Council

Fraser Valley Invasive Plant Council

Welcome to the web site of the Fraser Valley Invasive Plant Council! We are a non-profit society whose mandate is to minimize the negative social, economic, and environmental impacts associated with invasive plants. We achieve our mandate through coordination of land managers, education and outreach, and on the ground invasive plant management.

Did you know that invasive plants are considered to be one of the greatest threats to biodiversity world-wide, second only to habitat loss? British Columbia is Canada's most biologically diverse province and is home to many regionally, nationally, and globally significant plants. British Columbians have a lot to lose from the introduction of invasive plants. Already introduced plant species represent 26% of the entire flora in British Columbia (BC Conservation Data Centre, Ministry of Environment, 2012).

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All citizens of British Columbia are affected by invasive species. Helps us preserve our natural heritage.